Wall Partition/Panelling Interior

The right kind of room partition ideas help to divide a space, create clean lines and even elevate the aesthetic of your home. Those who want to clearly define space in their living room, without using walls, will need something different, that is, sleek room partitions! You can rely on these sleek room divider ideas to demarcate spaces in your home without cutting them off completely.

Room partition ideas are frequently used in open floor plans to distinguish between different spaces. It’s most common to see partition wall ideas that separate the dining area from the living room. The idea of a room divider is to help you establish different zones in your home. You can use them to create a peaceful reading nook, home office or even just to offer some structure between your living and dining rooms.


  • Facilitates spatial division and provides privacy, improved acoustics, and fire separation.
  • Occupy less area.
  • They can be easily constructed in any position.