Puja Unit Design Interior

A pooja room serves as a sanctuary for peace and prayer and we know just how to translate these attributes into our pooja room designs. If you are looking for a space rooted in Indian tradition, or something with a contemporary aesthetic, we’ve got you covered! Browse through our wide range of affordable and customisable mandir designs for your home.

In a fast-paced world where urban homes offer less space for rooms, having a separate pooja room is a real luxury. To optimise space even in compact homes, interior design for pooja room wall units is fast emerging as an intelligent hack. A pious and serene corner, pooja rooms are an integral part of Indian homes. Designed to fit into any nook and corner, pooja room wall units allow homeowners the flexibility to customise colours, designs and shapes to complement the aesthetics of their home.


  • you can include various elements like frames of deities, idols, lamps, hanging bells, accessories, storage units and for extra pinch a false ceiling too.
  • Construction or placement of the puja room brings positive energy in your home.
  • Variation and Customisation.